Salvia Divinorum Troubleshooting

Q. Is it true that it requires several attempts, before one begins to experience the full effects of Salvia Divinorum?
A: Many people report that they became more sensitive to the effects of Salvia Divinorum after they had tried it several times. Apparently it may take a few exposures before one becomes fully sensitized to Salvia Divinorum's effects. No one knows why this should be the case, but it has been reported from so many people that the phenomenon must be real.

Q. I've followed all the advice, but I don't seem to be able to achieve strong effects, why is this?
A. Approximately 10% of people are unusually insensitive to salvinorin A. Most of these people can achieve a satisfactory level of effects by using a higher than average dose. Some people require a dose several times higher than average. Be very cautious when experimenting with higher than average doses. Doses should be increased in gradual increments until one find the level of effects that interests you.

Q. I'm not a first time user and I'm having relative difficulty achieving sufficient effects. What should I try?
A. If you cannot achieve sufficient effects with regular Salvia leaves you may wish to try extract fortified leaves; however you should have a sitter present when you try smoking any "X" extract.

Table of Contents:

I. Salvia Divinorum Basics
II. Salvia Methods of Use
III. Salvia Dosage, Measurements and Storage
IV. Salvia Health Concerns
V. Salvia Divinorum Legal Status & Legality Issues
VI. Salvia Troubleshooting
VII. Accreditations, Links and References