Salvia Links, Accreditations, and References

Here's the part where we must give credit where credit is due. A large portion of this FAQ has used essential excerpts from other pre-existing source documents. The intent behind this FAQ is to educate individuals that are genuinely interested in Salvia divinorum, in such a way that is informative, unbiased, and non-promoting.

Compilation of facts, extractions, extrapolations, edits, revisions, and new additions have been made by "Spider-Man".

Original source documents that were used are as follows:

  • The Salvia divinorum FAQ - created by "Sage Student" and Daniel Siebert.

  • This is a great informational source for Salvia users, however it is tailored to the products that are sold within that site. One must carefully navigate through the sea of subtle advertisements that interfere with the facts about Salvia divinorum. Caveat emptor - buyer beware.

  • The Community Salvia Divinorum FAQ - created by various Salvia authors.

  • This is an EXCELLENT informational source for those wanting informational and unbiased facts about Salvia divinorum. This alternate Salvia source can be found on, where the very first paragraph of their FAQ page sums it up perfectly:
      There is a lot of good information on the web and elsewhere regarding Salvia divinorum. What was the impetus for creating a new FAQ?
      The other FAQ, available exclusively via Daniel Siebert's, doesn't really follow the guidelines that have traditionally been established for FAQs, in two ways. First, it requires that it not be copied to other sites. Traditionally, netiquette encourages that information FAQs be posted at numerous sites (as long as they remain intact, include the credits and authorship information, and retain a link to their site of origin). Second, the other FAQ acts-to some extent-as a vehicle of commercial advertising, exclusively plugging the products sold at the web site where it is hosted. While there is indeed much good information in this other FAQ, it is the belief of the authors that a FAQ true to the original spirit of the web acts as a service to provide non-biased, non-commercial information. Hence the birth of "The Community Salvia divinorum FAQ."

    Here are some great Salvia links that you can explore:

  • - This site is one of the most SUPERIOR places on the internet where you can purchase Salvia products. Not only do they offer premium grade Salvia products, but they offer them at INCREDIBLY AFFORDABLE PRICES as compared to other vendors that inflate the cost of the same exact leaves!
  • - this is the homepage for one of the most superior drug/herb research sites on the net that I have come across. All the information there is free! So remember, if you find it to be beneficial and useful, support their cause and make a contribution (you even get free stuff if you donate).
  • Table of Contents:

    I. Salvia Divinorum Basics
    II. Salvia Methods of Use
    III. Salvia Dosage, Measurements and Storage
    IV. Salvia Health Concerns
    V. Salvia Divinorum Legal Status & Legality Issues
    VI. Salvia Troubleshooting
    VII. Accreditations, Links and References