Salvia Divinorum Legal Status

Q. What is the legal status of Salvia?
A. Currently Salvia divinorum and its primary active principle salvinorin-A, is legal to possess, sell and use everywhere in the world except Australia & Denmark.

Q. Does Salvia divinorum show up on drug tests?
A: No. The active principal, salvinorin-A, is not chemically similar to any illegal drug and will not produce a false-positive on drug tests that test for illegal drugs.

Q. Is salvinorin an analogue drug?
A. Salvinorin is not an analogue drug because it is not chemically similar to any other illegal substance. Also, unlike many visionary substances, salvinorin is not an alkaloid.

Q. Any thoughts on how to prevent Salvia from becoming illegal, scheduled, or restricted?
A. Practice and encourage responsible use. Do not provide Salvia to minors or unstable individuals. Never use Salvia in settings in which firearms, knives or other potentially dangerous objects are present. Do not mix with alcohol. Never drive while under the influence of Salvia. Be extra careful of flames - candles, lighters, fire etc when using Salvia. Discourage mixing Salvia with other drugs. Encourage the practice of using sitters. Discourage use of pure salvinorin (except in research settings), vaporized extracts, vaporized leaves, and smoking of powerful extract enhanced leaves. Taking oral preparations and smoking unenhanced leaves are less likely to produce out of control behavior. Be careful about granting interviews. The press and media in general is often more interested in sensationalizing than in balanced factual reporting.

Table of Contents:

I. Salvia Divinorum Basics
II. Salvia Methods of Use
III. Salvia Dosage, Measurements and Storage
IV. Salvia Health Concerns
V. Salvia Divinorum Legal Status & Legality Issues
VI. Salvia Troubleshooting
VII. Accreditations, Links and References