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Salvia Divinorum FAQ

The Salvia divinorum F.A.Q. Page
Answers to frequently asked questions
Table of Contents:
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I. Salvia Divinorum Basics
II. Salvia Methods of Use
III. Salvia Dosage, Measurements and Storage
IV. Salvia Health Concerns
V. Salvia Divinorum Legal Status & Legality Issues
VI. Salvia Troubleshooting
VII. Accreditations, Links and References
salvia divinorum information
This FAQ is unique from all of the other FAQ's that you've come across in your Salvia research. In that, this FAQ is a compilation of several other resources that I have come across in my quest to know and understand the Green Goddess Salvia Divinorum. All these different resources have valuable information in them that should be made available for all to use. The purpose of this FAQ is to effectively combine the essential elements of the other documents, along with some additions and revisions, into one information packed reference source. ~ Spider-Man ~